New licks-Backingtracks

Today I've started offering backing tracks with saxophone licks that can be played/practiced on a bluesharp.
The so-called 3rd position is nice for these licks. There are only 2 or 3 overblows needed to be able to play all the licks.

I used saxophone licks because most harp players get stuck in the phrasing as used by other harp players. When you feel you want to learn new things, explore different ways to express yourself it is a good thing to listen to other instruments.

The saxophone has for me the same "feel" as a harmonica but sax players have a different approach on how to attack a note, how to play a groove etc. You will notice that their timing is very different from what harp players tend to use.

On a saxophone you can use different techniques because of the way how it is constructed.
But after some practice many things can be "imitated" on a harmonica.

For now I offer 2 backing-tracks with licks that are played twice , followed by a space where you can play it once on the harmonica.

The tracks are 126/128 bpm which is quite fast. But that's something you can work on by first slowing down the speed of the songs. I use program called Transcribe for that. When you feel you can play a lick at , let's say 50 percent of the original speed, bring it up to 60 percent etc etc.

In the coming days/weeks I will offer more backing tracks , not only with saxophone licks , but also with some interesting harmonica licks.

Please keep an eye on this blog page….