Session Steel colors

Yesterday I finished a nice set of Session Steel harps for a female students. She now has all available colors and I must say it looks nice when she opens her harp case!
She has : orange, red, yellow, blue, black, white and grey !!
These colors are all available when you order a extra charge !!

Ben Bouman

Session Orchestra S

The Orchestra S will from now on have a valve on hole 2 blow. This improves the airstream a lot . In the original design hole 2 caused some problems and this is solved with the placement of a valve.
Please feel free to contact me if you already have one without the valve. You can send the harp to me and I'll put the valve in for free.

Ben Bouman

Paddy Richter tuning again...!

There's a big discussion going on about changing this very familiar name!
I'll keep on using the Name: Paddy Richter...sounds good to me and you all know what we are talking about.

As I mentioned before, this tuning is for free on all my models/keys.
This means that when you buy my Basic model, you can order this tuning with it. You'll get a custom harmonica ( reedslots ,mildly embossed... reeds perfectly centered... reeds recurved and re-gapped... tuned... ) for the price of a non-custom out of the box harp + my unlimited warranty and service.

Not too bad I think.... :-))

Ben Bouman

Paddy Richter tuning

After reading a nice article about the so-called Paddy Richter tuning I just wanted to note that I offer this tuning for free... this also goes for tunings like natural minor/melodymaker etc.

Ben Bouman

Session Steel comb colors

As from now I can deliver Session Steel harps with these colors:
Orange, black, grey, blue, red and yellow and..... white!!

There's also the option to have matte coverplates or shining chromed coverplates.

All kinds of nice variations are possible.


Mark Hummel review

Here's what Mark Hummel has to say about my harps:

Ben's custom harp work gives me the response and ease I'm looking for when blowing on my SEYDEL harps. Just the right of give and tightness on the reeds to make for a really playable harmonica- just what I like to sail through my blues!!

Mark Hummel

Marks harp are like my Ben Bouman beta-harp X-tra. I do more on regapping/recurving for Marks harps . He likes to play them with a very strong attack and make them sound loud.
Only increasing the gaps is not enough so I do a bit more to the reeds to make sure it works like hell for him :-))